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Where to stay while in Cebu

Many hotels and pension houses through all price ranges are available in Cebu, from staying just one hour to vacationing for weeks.

Booking through the internet can help in finding accessible accommodation, you can also call but don't expect very accurate information regarding inquiry about wheelchair friendliness. In many cases all you get of an answer is a "what?", "no problem, Sir" or more likely a "huuuu?"
Many times the staff has no idea whatsoever whether there are special designated rooms or if there are steps at front entrance or any other relevant information for that matter.
Be patient, try to explain carefully what you need and most important, do not bet any money on the given information!
You may be surprised what some hotel staff consider as handicap accessible.
Your best chance is to be flexible, particularly while travelling in the Provinces.

To check some of the places that I have already confirmed personally as accessible to the wheelchair traveller, please click here.

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