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How accessible is accessible? As I mentioned, I am a paraplegic, and very well capable of handling my situation with the bare minimum of third parties help. This means that what I personally find wheelchair accessible is not necessarily accessible to a motorized chair or a person with limited arm functions. For example, a ramp might be too steep or too narrow for someone else, and since there are no official standards applicable in the Philippines, the building of ramps or toilets is done however the builder feels it can be done, resulting in a wide variety of disabled ramps and other accessories.
Another obstacle is the habit of parking vehicles in front of sidewalk ramps or blocking access to an entrance with parked motorcycle. And often the security guards use the ramps as a place to position their wooden desks, so that it must be moved out of the way before you can enter a building. And to top it off the bases of ramps often have a depression that flood during rains and forces you to wheel through a puddle of green slimy water. But what the hell, you don't have to sweep the floors, do you.


This very important detail deserves its own chapter. In bigger cities like Cebu, you'll find a bathroom spacious enough eventually. The most convenient ones are located at Ayala Center, SM Mall too has designated disabled toilets, not quiet as clean though as Ayalas. Junkfood restaurants are your next choice, the international chains as well as the local ones usually have clean disabled toilets. You may have to move some cleaning equipment out of the way before entering though. All bigger hotels are a good way too for a visit to the loo, usually clean with enough space.
As an alternative you could try hospitals, Cebu Doctors is not a good choice, there are no public handicap bathrooms, better is Chong Hwa and LH Prime. If you can't find any comfort room, do it as the locals do, find a quiet corner in the open air toilet, less germs there anyway.
Especially during trips to the province you'll find acceptable toilets rather rare, the only alternatives are Beach Resorts of higher standards.

The law

For those interested, there is a national law implementing and regulating the building of handicap accessible buildings. Accessibility Law (Batas Pambansa Bilang 344).

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