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Sports and Recreation

General Info

Too hot to exercise. Makes you tired and sweaty. Too many mosquitoes and snakes around. If walking at all only in a cool mall from cloth shop to a jeweler.
Well, that's the attitude of many Filipinos but not all, even though sport doesn't seem to have the same significance as in the western world there are sportsmen, some very good, around, you'll be not completely alone. Listed here are some popular activities and information about where to go about it. This list is not complete but covers the most popular activities.
For Exhibits and Events of all kinds, check out the page about CICC, the Cebu International Convention Center.

Jogging /Hiking

Early morning is the best time for jogging, it does get a bit warm during the day, so the time just after sunrise is very comfortable in temperature and road traffic is still sparse. Unfortunately there are no parks or beach front paths suitable for jogging, so you'll have to find your preferred area for your runs.
Not far from the city you can go for a trekking tour or hiking trail. If you like being in a cool mountain area, jump into natural pools and admire waterfalls, go for it.

Horseback Riding

Let the animal do the work, sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquility of Cebu's mountains on horseback. There are organized rides and treks around Moalboal or Mactan. Read more...


Basketball is the ultimate Philippine sport. It's played everywhere, and the first thing a crew of construction workers building a house will do is set up a basketball court. If you're looking for some fun with the locals, go and join them in a game.


Soccer or football has gained much popularity over the years, games take place during fiestas and exhibitions and matches are held regularly.


Seems a surprise to many westerners, but tennis has many enthusiastic players, tennis courts are to be found throughout the city.


Cebu Country Club and Alta Vista Golf and Country Club are currently Cebu's two top courses located within the city limits. One more is located in the mountainous portion of the city and also the province offers golf courses. Driving ranges are located near Ayala, on Mactan and a number more places.


Surprisingly many Filipinas don't know how to swim, they enjoy the beach or pool but only as long as there is ground under their feet. And as long as they're allowed to wear a t-shirt.
Numerous hotel pools offer the opportunity to swim, unfortunately those pools are usually small, and I haven't found a olympic sized swimming pool yet to really concentrate on doing a good number of laps. My favorite here is the pool at Montebello Hotel.
Sports clubs also offer pools, The Sandtrap has a nice, spacious pool area, accessible for wheelies from the back over a somewhat steep ramp. From the main entrance you'll need to get over two steps.
Open water swimming in the ocean is of course a beautiful activity, there are many public beaches and resorts on Mactan Island with access to the water. Talisay to the south and Liloan to the north too offer beach access.

Scuba Diving

Your best start for a dive tour is from Mactan Island. Plenty of Dive Shops offer courses or dive trips, from just a short dive near the shore up to trips that take several days and covers a wide range of beautiful dive spots in the Visayas region. If you want to learn scuba diving and are worried about handling it because you can't walk, stop worrying and contact me.


Most of the resorts on Mactan Island offer a range of water sports like water ski, water jet, para glider, banana boat, yachting, sailing, banca trips, snorkeling, fishing. Read more...

Cycling / Handcycling

Until the late 1980s cycling was not common at all, that has changed dramatically, especially over the last 15 years or so, due to much improved road conditions.
Road cycling is a great way to experience the philippines and there are breathtaking routes along the coast or over the mountain ranges.
The same of course goes for Handcycling, I wouldn't want to miss this exceptional way of life.
Mountain biking or Downhill is pure fun, you'll get to places you wouldn't have thought existed so near the city, tranquil and green. Read more...

Flying / Skydiving

How about you make your pilot's licence? Or are you a pilot already and just want to rent a plane? May it be just a scenic flight or island hopping? On Mactan all that is possible, there are flying schools and sightseeing planes available. Read more...


Carts, Motocross, Autocross, Dragster, Quarter mile races, great fun and great popularity, these events are always a magnet for locals and tourists alike.

Shooting Ranges

Trigger happy? It's fun, shooting ranges will accommodate you, they have a variety of firearms and very serious instructors. Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges invite visitors. Read more...

Pool Billiard

One of the most popular recreational activities in the Philippines, local pool halls are often along the roads, behind parking area, among market stalls and everywhere with enough space for a pool table.
Many bars and pubs offer pool too, check the list of pool places. Read more...


With the malls came modern bowling lanes.


One good way to keep in shape without exposing oneself to the elements is a visit to gym, but don't just visit, work out. Read more...

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