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Air Transport

International Flights

Choosing a destination such as Cebu, Philippines will probably take you a long way away from your home, flying time from Europe is about 16 hours, from the USA possibly even more.
It's not always fun sitting in a crammed uncomfortable seat, watching the little airplane logo on the map moving so agonizingly slow towards your destination and not being able to walk up and down the aisle.
But you'll get through it, others have too. Just be sure you keep medications that you might need close to you and don't hesitate to call for assistance to go to the bathroom, there is usually an aislchair on board and you will be helped to the lavatory, which is not quiet as spacious as you would wish but should serve its purpose. You don't want to risk a little embarrassing mishap with so many hours of flying time ahead of you.

At check-in you may be asked by the staff to transfer to one of those huge, wide airport wheelchairs so that your own can be checked-in as baggage, I successfully deny the offer on the grounds that I won't fit in the toilets anymore and can't wheel around as freely as I please. So they normally agree to meet me at a appointed time at the gate of departure where I spin down the gangway to the airplane's door and from there transfer to the aislchair to be carted off to my seat. My own wheelchair is labeled (check the label, it might be sent off to Timbuktu)and put in the baggage compartment. If you use a foldable chair tie a rubber band around its frame and handrings to avoid damage and or loosing a wheel.

International Airports are pretty much wholly accessible, so don't worry about finding a bathroom or other service establishments.

Manila International Airport

What can I say, if you arrive through NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) you'll be helped and taken care of all the way through immigration, you'll probably won't have to fall in line and after you have changed some currency into Philippine Peso the airport helper will guide you through the class doors and throw you to wolves(Taxis). My advise, take the time to use the bathroom as long as you're in the Airport, even though the doors open the wrong way and block your way in, just circle a bit around to get to the bowl.

Cebu International Airport

Much smaller than Manila, you'll get through immigration swiftly, taxis from the airport have a standard price of Peso 300.00 going to one destination within the city, pretty easy without much of a hassle.

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