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A small contribution that may help safe lives

Unfortunately, countless people here in Philippines suffer from a variety of situations and medical issues. The lack of funds really hurts many, hospitals are very expensive and the incomes are usually not sufficient to cover a sick or disabled's persons medical bill.

Medical or accident Insurances are uncommon or unaffordable, and if available at all they cover cases insufficiently.

I don't want to start pointing the finger about who's to blame for the unbearable situation, I think most us us know where's the rub, all I can do is trying to help.

So please have look through those pages, if you think you can help in any way, do contact the respective person in charge. Else, you may e-mail me and I shall forward your message.

Thank you.

Kidney Transplant

A young father of two is waiting for his kidney transplant, he undergoes dialysis three times a week, but only an operation can safe his life. Your donation to help funding the surgery, however small, is greatly appreciated. Please read the documents for further information. The contact email is: You may also contact Mr. Imra-Ali M. Sabdullah, Immigration Officer, Mandaue City, Cel: 0921 755 5429.


Republic of the Philippines - Introduction

Division of Organ Transplantation

Doctor's Fees


Used wheelchair

Should you have a used wheelchair that you wish to give to someone who could really need a ride, please let me know, I have contacts to local paraplegics and polio victims urgently in need of a wheelchair.

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