Access Cebu. your comprehensive guide to Cebu with detailed wheelchair user information.


Some important background information

AccessCebu offers travel and living information mainly on Cebu, Philippines, with lots of addresses, tips and background information. The site is very helpful for all visitors alike since it provides essential information about living and vacationing in Cebu. Not only for the average Joe using a manual wheelchair or walks on crutches or the elderly seeking medical treatment, AccessCebu aims to open Cebu to all.

I can't possibly consider all the different disabilities and offer relevant feedback, so please forgive me that I stick with what I do know best, and that is living in Cebu as a wheelchair user who is wholly independent and can use his upper body without limitations. So if you are a quadriplegic or suffer Multiple Sclerosis and need assistance in your daily life, or if you are grossly overweight and won't fit through any standard door frame, or have any other physical deficit this information might help you but I can't promise that you won't find it difficult getting around at times.
Please refer to Accessability for more detailed information.

Getting Help

If there is a situation that you can't manage without assistance, do not hesitate asking someone nearby, people generally don't mind giving you a hand, and there is almost always someone around.

Have fun going through these pages and hopefully see you soon in Cebu.

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