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I'm a man, therefore I hate shopping

This quotation was voiced by a norwegian friend of mine, I personally couldn't agree more. Can't be without it occasionally though, so here we are, malls and shops and where to to find what.
One thing that I have to mention is that sometimes it is very difficult to spend your money, there is a good chance that you go home without having done your intended purchase. And why is that you may ask? Because the most abundant goods in the stores are described as either "No stock available" or "Sorry Sir, we don't have" or similar terms with the same message. And don't ever, and I mean never ever start a discussion about why it is they let stock run out, you'll tear out your hair after a few minutes, some things in life are better left shrouded in mystery.

Where to find what

Most of the regular shopping can easily and comfortably be done in one of the following described malls. However, should you need something a bit out of everyday item you may need to look around to find what you're after. I recommend Cebu's downtown area, there is a multitude of shops and stores catering to almost any goods or services. Be it some special tool, unusual plumbing device, fabric, bike and auto parts, you'll most likely find it somwhere there. Just shop around a bit, it's all walking distance. Unfortunately the area is not very accessible for wheelchairs, the sidewalks are high and most stores have one or two steps to get in and are very narrow and packed to the roof with merchandise. Here again, do not despair, someone, most likely the guard at the shop front, will attend to you.

CAUTION! There are many pickpocketers, thiefs, holduppers and other criminal elements around downrown area, DO NOT wear jewellery, expensive watches, and never display your money.

Ayala Mall

Upmarket mall that offers many choices of shopping, food, cinema and other entertainment and services. Read more...

SM Mall

Popular mall that offers many choices of shopping, food, cinema and other entertainment and services. Newly opened is Northwing part of the mall Read more...

SaveMore Mactan and Mandaue

SaveMore is an affiliate of SM .

La Nueva Supermarket

La Nueva has branches in Cebu City and Mactan. Read more


There are a number of big Gaysano Malls in Cebu. Read more...


Robinsons Place Cebu is strategically located along Fuente Osmeña within walking distance from a number of office buildings, banks, pension houses, hospitals and hotels. Not very accessible though. Robinsons Department Store at Banilad offers easy shopping for groceries. There is an escalator and a ramp leading to the store. Disabled parking and toilets are provided.


Macro is a wholesaler with a wide selection of goods. No memebership is required anymore. The huge parking lot and proximity to SM Mall makes it an easy shopping convenience. Makro.


Raintree Mall

A small mall located near Osmena Circle along Mango Ave. It's got a Jollibee and some rastaurants, small stores and travel agencies. Parking is provided, the whole place is accessible but I haven't checked on the bathroom's size, it is on the ground floor though without any steps.

Elizabeth Mall

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Mango Square

The ground floor is accessible to handicapped visitors. Parking is sufficient, did not check out the bathrooms. Not really much is offered here besides celphone accessories and clothes.

Hardware / Home

A good range of hardware stores offer any toy you could dream about (if you're not a woman). My favourite is Belmont Tools along north road in Mandaue City. Parking available, a ramp leads to the front door.
The main branch is located downtown area near the Baslilica de Santo Nino.

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