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Semigods in white?

Undoubtedly, Cebu City is the place to go if you stay in the Visays and have any medical concerns. Almost any ailment can be treated without the need to travel to Manila or abroad. The standard of equippment is high in private hospitals and the doctors seem to be well qualified.
One thing that many people here complain, foreigners and Filipinos alike, is that many doctors don't hesitate selling you a more expensive treatment instead offering the most effecive way to get you back on your feet.
For example, often a pregnant woman is coerced into delivering through cesarian rather than normal birth, because such a operation is much more financally benefitting to clinics and doctors. It seems to me that a minority of doctors got it wrong, they confuse hippocratic oath with being a hyppocrit.

Another thing is that you must have someone with you during a stay in hospital. Medicines and paraphernalias like needles or bandages must be bought at a drugstore outside the hospital and are not issued by the hospital staff. The nurse will give you a shopping list and off you go. Upon recovery more running about is neccessary to pay the bills and get all the clearances before you're allowed to leave the hospital.


There are good hospitals that offer services comparable to western standards. The thing is, they are private and you will have to give a down payment before treatment. It's still affordable though, not to be compared with what you would pay in the west or Japan. And you can get refund from your health care provider as long as you keep all records and receipts.
Government run hospitals are of a much lower standard and usually poorly equipped,especially in the provinces. Read more...

Philippine Red Cross

There are times when one needs blood transfusion, if you happen to have a rare bloodtype ask friends and family about donations also, the Philippine red Cross has a blood bank. Located near Osmena Circe, Tel 253 4611, and on Mactan, not far from City Hall. Check out the website, Philippine Red Cross.


Stuck your finger in an electric fan and cut a slice out of it? Scratched your legs on a coral and got an infection? There are many doctors clinics around that offer service for minor treatment, inexpensive and of good quality. There are also laboratories that do X-rays and urine analysis and other laboratory related tests. Read more...


Does it hurt drinking cold water? You may want to check your teeth, dental work here in Cebu is very affordable and of good quality. There are numerous dental clinics, many handicap accessible. SM Mall offers a chice of dental clinics too.


It may be that you need assistance during your stay in beautiful Cebu, so why not hiring a private nurse or caregiver for the time that you stay here? There are many very well educated college graduates, nurses or caregivers, the salaries are affordable, so don't hesitate to contact me for further details.

Physical Therapy

If you don't want to miss on your physical therapy, I have the right contacts for you, whether at a clinic or home visit. Again, just contact me.


It is recommended that you bring your medication with you, at least for the first few weeks to avoid any shortages. Most prescribed medicine is available at pharmacies, they sometimes do run out of stocks though. If your insurance covers the bill, ask the pharmacist for a detailed receipt in order for you to reclaim your expenses. Bigger drugstore accept credit card payments. When it comes to medical accessories like catheters and the like, make arrangements to have it sent to your place in Cebu, that will safe you time, hassle, embarrassment and money.

Stem cell storage

Upon request I can provide you with information about laboratories that store stemcells taken from the umbilical cord.


Not everybody is blessed with children, if you seek treatment or advise, in vitro ferilization or artifical insemination, Cebu has good clinics with international standard treatment. Contact me for more information.

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