Access Cebu. your comprehensive guide to Cebu with detailed wheelchair user information.


The comprehensive guide to Cebu, Philippines, not only for wheelchair users.

As a long time resident to Cebu and wheelchair user for many years I decided to put my knowledge and experience to good use and give some advice to those who consider traveling to this wonderful destination but have hesitated so far due to uncertainties regarding wheelchair access and perhaps bad press or word of mouth information regarding the Philippines and its reputation as a third world country or other reasons.

It can not be denied or overlooked that this country has a multitude of problems, nor can it be expected to be as handicapped accessible as many countries in the west are (or claim to be), but I can say from first hand and daily experience that it is a very rewarding place to visit, not only for its beautiful island destinations but also for its warm and hospitable people.

So if you are looking for firsthand information for your trip to Cebu in general, or if you are using a wheelchair as your first choice of transportation in particular, you are here at AccessCebu at the perfect place to start planning.

Furthermore, I would like to give away as much useful information to any one visiting or wanting to settle in Cebu as I can, on AccessCebu you'll find a cornucopia of addresses, places to visit, practical tips and a lot more.

I wish you a very pleasant stay in Cebu and hope this page will help you a bit in choosing your itinerary for your vacation or move to Cebu.

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