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SM Mall


SM is actually wholly accessible and family friendly, biggest setback is that there is only one main elevator, another one is somewhere inside SM Department store. If you can ride the escalators you definitely have an advantage. Their internet presence is SM Malls.


A number of disabled parking spaces are provided at the parking fronting the main entrance, it may happen that you'll need to chase away some lazy bastard blocking your desiganted spot, a guard will help you if neccessary. More parking is at the rear of the mall, served by a shuttle from the main entrance.

Parking Ramp

The mall is undergoing expansion, soon there will be an underground car park and more shops.


Bathrooms are readily found, one stall in each is bigger to accommodate wheelchairs. You may need some patience while waiting for a guard using that particular stall as his personal changing room.
Inside SM Department store on the second flor are also toilets, less frequented and clean. A small step of five centimeters gets you into the bathroom, but the door to the disabled toilet opens inward.


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