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Ayala Mall


There are many shops located in this upmarket mall, lots of cloth and shoes as well as a hardware, Gaisano, theaters, sports, best you check it out yourself. Ayala Mall Cebu.
Generally, the whole place is wheelchair friendly, one deficiency are the elevators, only two serve the mall conveniently located in the center of the mall, and not both always work, there are more elevators but used mostly for deliveries and are well concealed.


Handicap parking spaces are provided at the underground parking decks near the entrances. At basement two you'll also find accessible toilets.


Handicap bathrooms are located throughout the mall, the cleanest and most modern is located at the fourth floor near cinema 2. The door is very heavy, if you can't manage ask the guard for assistance. The pictures were taken at Basement 2.

Bathroom Toilet


The movie theatres are modern and provide extra space for wheelchairs. Bring a jacket with you if you intend to watch a blockbuster, it's freezing cold in there.

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