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Hand control


For temporary use I would recommend you install equipment in your vehicle that is easy to install and does not require any alterations to your car. I have been using that specific hand control for many years in a variety of cars, here in the Philippines as well as abroad. It is very simple to install and its adjustability makes it perfect for any setup. There is no law here in the Philippines that restricts use of hand controls, the local department of motor vehicles, here called LTO (Land Transportation Office) has no information concerning this matter and you are not required to declare it. So to insure yours and others safety please be responsible only install equipment if you are able to operate it properly and safely.
In contradiction to LTO policy regarding hand controls, my drivers license states a condition that says: "Drive only w/special eqpt. for lower limbs"

Temporary Hand control

This is the model for temporary installation I can offer for rent or sale, please contact me for details.
Handcontrol Handcontrol

Permanent Hand control

The other model I have available is for more permanent installation but can also be removed if needed. It needs some minor alterations on the car but is a lot safer to handle than the temporary one due to its fixations. Also suitable for most auto brands. The installation is done by a professional mechanic with experience in hand control equipment.

Handcontrol Handcontrol

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