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Simala, Sibonga

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is a church that can be found in Sibonga, Cebu for the Marian devotees. It is a very popular church among believers mainly because it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin. It is the place where the ‘Mga Monghe ni Maria’ (Monks of Mary) live.

On the way to Simala, passing by Carcar with a quick stop at the oversized shoe. The little niece was afraid of the giant who wears those boots.

Intersection at Simala, municipality of Sibonga, Cebu.

Turn right here, it's only 5 km to go.

Parking area, the parking space within the compound was full. They charge 40 Peso per vehicle.

Large enough for a lot of cars and buses.

Road that comes from the highway.

Tricycle waiting area just outside the gate.

The main gate.

Full view of the monastery.

Path from gate towards the monastery.

Amongst the religious figures, Mother Mary has the most number of devotees. She's considered to be the highest form of intercessor to GOD and to Jesus Christ. There are a hundred number of monasteries that are frequently visited by devotees, one of which is SIMALA, in SIBONGA CEBU. They say, and others had testified that if you visit Mama Mary in SIMALA and if you pray hard and from the heart and ask for petitions, it will come true.

Posing in front of Mama Mary

The marker was placed 2004 to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary whose intercession was sought in a Penitential Rosary Walk to protect the place from a plague which took lives of infants and children. It was placed also during the 8th anniversary of the monks arrival in Lindogan, Samala (Sibongan).

Steep path leading to the monastery, notice how the kids lean forward.

People falling in line to reach and kiss the Holy Sculpture of Mother Mary.

Candles can be bought for 5 Peso each

Inside the church

Wonder whether the dog sleeping in the aisle is catholic

Painted ceiling

Donated items from people who experienced miracle healings

A lot of testimonies to all the people who passed the Board exams, Bar exams, etc. and in conceiving a baby.

View from the church toward the gate

The gate as seen from the church, a bit closer this time

The monastery fassade

Mama Mary from afar

And a closer look

Path without steps but very steep

Proposed extension

Ouside view

That's where you likely end your trip when travelling with small children, the popular local fastfood chain Jollibee.

What the Freeman newspaper has to say about Simala, the author is he business editor, Maripal San Diego:

"Together with a crowd of more than 500 people, I saw the statue of Our Lady of Fatima shed tears for more than 30 mins at the shrine of the Marian Brothers of the Eucharistic Adoration (MBEA) in the afternoon of Sept 8, her supposed birthday at Lindogan, Simala, Sibonga.

The MBEA, is popularly known as the Blue Brothers due to their colored habits. ...The Marian celebration started with a song......One of those who made a verbal testimony of what he saw in 1998 was Cris Sedoriosa, a lay missionary of the Alliance of Two Hearts.

Right after the testimonies, a birthday song was sang then the ritual of changing her dress with a new one followed.

Just a few seconds after the donated new dress was placed on her, I saw the statue shed tears. Everyone was stunned.

I was one of those who rushed to tha makeshift alter with my eight year old son in tow, and went to as close as I could which was about three feet away. Up close, I did see tears trickling down her cheeks and even down on her nose and chin.....

All the time, we were all watching her tear-sticken face, as the line moved slowly. All sorts of interpretations of her weeping was said aloud. Those are tears of sadness, said one. No those are tears of joy because we are here to greet her, said the others.

Then I saw her face change to that of a very old woman, with more wrinkes than the elderly people I know.

Although the shrine was lighted by several bright bulbs, a voice among the stnned crowd asked for anyone with a flashlight to focus it on her Her changed face. A flashlight turned up and this showed a wrinked, shrunken face of an old woman.

Ten mins later, the second time when the flashlight was focused on Her weeping face, it turned back to its beatiful and youthful look.......

The statue was supposedly acquired by he Blue Brothers from a factory in Pampanga fro free since this was a reject, meaning it did not pass its quality control. It is made of fiber glass.

In an interview with Dr Jesus Juario, scientist and Dean of the UP Cebu College, he said that for a fiber glass to produce water or trickling water is scientifically impossible.

""This is not possible scientifically. Moreso when you said that it was raining early in the afternoon and drizzling in the morning. There was no humidity then that could possibly cause that. But with my expeirence with fiber glass, this occurence could not be explained"".




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