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I own two handcycles, an adaptive bike for general use such as taking out the dog, buying bread or visiting friends. The great advantage with this bike is that it is easily and quickly attached or detached from the wheelchair. Even after a beer or two.



My former bike was more suited for longer distances at higher speeds. It was purly for sports and touring, not really practical for errands. This one I replaced with a similar model last July. Total distance ridden within one year: 5,500km.


The new one is similar to my previous bike, the difference is mainly that the fork is not detachable from the frame anymore. That makes it lighter and stiffer, the downside is that it is cumbersome for transport.


Since I acquired the new bike July 16, 2007 until December 31, 2007, I rode the total distance of 4,469 km.
As of August 5, 2008, I reached exactly 10,000 km.


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Across Cebu Island via TCH

Sogod-Bogo-Sogod, Cebu


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Special Events


Do you want to rent a bike? Or store your bike at a safe place for any period of time? One of the best places for rentals and organized bike tours is here.

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